RC Pass Policies


These policies are listed on the sales page for RollerCon passes, and in the checkout for each pass you purchase. They are not negotiable and there are no exceptions.

Cancellations & Deferrals
New in 2023!
RollerCon passes can be cancelled & refunded, but ONLY if you choose to get optional insurance at the purchase stage. Insurance cannot be added later. Passes are not refundable for any reason without FanShield coverage. FanShield Ticket Insurance protects you for the following reasons:

  • Accident / Illness / Injury
  • Layoff or Work Travel Conflict
  • Jury Duty
  • Travel Interruptions
  • Family Emergencies

FanShield works just like airline ticket insurance; they require backup paperwork to approve claims, and they  decline claims if you don’t submit the information they require. Tips for a successful claim:

  1. Look up the specific refund terms & requirements, which depend on your region: https://www.fanshield.com/policy-map
  2. Prepare corroborating paperwork. FanShield does not approve claims without paperwork.
  3. Have your Fanshield policy ID and events.com ticket info ready. There are two ways you can do that:
    1. Search your email for your ticket confirmation and FanShield policy ID,
    2. OR create a login at events.com and then click the “my tickets” link (top right usually)
  4. When you have your claim prepared, contact help@fanshield.insure.

Declined claims cannot be deferred / rolled over to future years. There is no higher cancellation authority than FanShield; RollerCon has no ability to force them to refund your pass. FanShield is contracted to Events.com, and they are willing to help if you feel you have submitted a legitimate claim with all the appropriate paperwork and still got declined – but they can’t force FanShield, either, they can only review the paperwork and offer advice. In all cases, it’s ultimately a matter of contract terms of the policy map and whether or not you have submitted the paperwork required.

New in 2023!
You can upgrade your pass! Use the info in your purchase confirmation email to upgrade while ticket types are still available.

Pass prices go up on the first of each month after they are released. Check the “register” link at the top of this page (after November) to see current prices.

There was a time years ago when a person could attend RollerCon parties without a pass. That time has passed. ALL RollerCon events are in closed, convention-only spaces that require a RollerCon pass. Encourage your family and friends to get super cheap off skates passes in the Fall to see your games and come with you to parties!

Your pass must have your name and it must match your Government-Issued ID for Registration. Once you have your pass – a QR enabled wristband, you will not have to show ID for events ** except to attend 21+ parties or purchase alcohol at the snack bar**

Tickets are non-transferable, which means you may not give your ticket to someone else.  You will not be able to buy someone else’s pass, either. Every pass name must match holder’s government-issued ID and the insurance info given to us at purchase. There are no exceptions to this rule.

– Update your insurance number(s) on the form at the bottom of the Insurance page.

Injuries at RollerCon that result in the skater being referred out for further assessment or treatment may result in our EMT Manager holding the injured skater’s skating pass until they return with a Return to Play release from a qualified medical professional. If the skater is cleared to skate, their pass will be (happily) returned to them. If the injured skater is not cleared to skate, the EMT Manager will discuss ticket options with the skater. Please note that this only happens in extreme circumstances (generally when the skater leaves in an ambulance), and our first and most important priority is the skater’s safety.  In spite of rumors to the contrary, minor injuries do not get anyone a free pass for future years.