Player Tips

*Tips & Reminders for captains & players can be found in the announcements on our RollerCon Challenges Forum.

Text “follow RollerCon” to 40404 for SMS deadlines, scores & updates, including notifications when Challenge Submissions open March 1st each year.

How to get on a challenge team in advance:

  1. Get on the Challenge forum and look for challenges in your skill level that you’re interested in.
  2. Make friends in RollerCon groups and tell everyone you’re interested.

How to get on a team AT ROLLERCON

  1. Come to RollerCon ready to drop in (scroll down for more info) with a highlighted schedule of challenges for your skill level (and/or gender) and appropriate color jersey – and wear it; Captains look for people in their colors!
  2. Wait out of the way of traffic in the “Skater Shark Tank” for the track, near each end of the central Get Ready area. Introduce yourself to stressed out looking captains.
  3. Find more details below.

Detailed Tips and Instructions for Players

Before RollerCon:
Be prepared:

  1. Brush up on our Uniform Rules.
  2. Make sure you meet the RollerCon skating eligibility requirements.
  3. All players must be RollerCon attendees with Skater, MVP, Sponsor or Volunteer MVP or Skater passes. We check. Off Skates Convention Passes do not allow you to skate.
  4. Brush up on RollerCon Skater Skill Level Definitions and determine your skill level.
  5. Make sure you can contact your captains. Rosters are managed 100% by the captains. You must communicate with the captains, NOT with RollerCon. We don’t monitor or manage their rosters at all. If you signed up for a roster, you need the captain’s contact info. Yes, we have their emails, but we will not give out any private contact info (including yours), so please don’t ask.

At RollerCon:

How to be a GREAT Player at RollerCon (and probably at home, too):

  1. Make sure you have your captain’s contact info.
  2. Please don’t no-show. Let your captain know as early as you can if something comes up. Some captains will forgive you if you send someone equally awesome in your jersey to take your place – know what your captain expects.
  3. Be on time. You may not join a challenge or bout after badge check, period.
  4. Bring your bag to the track. Stow it under or behind your Team Bench chairs, zipped & not in the way of traffic (or under the bleachers). Please do not leave your shit spread out all over the gear up area, which serves 4 tracks and a lot of people – or anywhere else.
  5. Bring your badge and ID to Safety Check (then stow it with your bag, or on the badge tree or with your coach)
  6. Full gear is required of all humans wearing skates. Skates on last, off first.
  7. Do not, under any circumstances, be rude or disrespectful to other players, staff or officials. Everyone is there for fun, including you. Remember Roller Derby Rule #1: Don’t be a d-bag.
  8. Consider being willing play any position you’re asked to play. The games are for fun! Nothing is riding on it. Why not take a chance outside your comfort zone?
  9. HAVE FUN.

Captains often fill their rosters in advance, only to find that players don’t show up at game time. Las Vegas takes no prisoners.  You can be a drop in player if:

  • You meet the RC eligibility requirements, skill level for the game and any other criteria the captains have determined. Links above.
  • You have the right color shirt with a permanent number.
  • The captains have room and want you. Hint: almost everyone loves extra jammers.

How to be a GREAT Drop In Player:

  1. Come prepared with the right color shirt with a 6″ or larger number permanently on the back.
  2. You might be able to play in your own number; ask the captain. You might also play in someone else’s number or jersey.
  3. The number on your back – whatever it is – must also be the only number visible to the officials. What that means is that if your shirt has a number “1,” numbers on your helmet, armbands or otherwise MUST also be “1.” If you are playing in someone else’s jersey, you may tape over other numbers on your helmet and put the shirt number on your arm in sharpie.
  4. Wait out of the way of traffic in the “Skater Shark Tank” for the track, near each end of the central Get Ready area, right color shirt(s) in hand. Introduce yourself to stressed out looking captains.