Day Themes

You love to dress up and so do we. And you know we aim to please!

Get to Know Ya Wednesday:

Introduce yourself! Today’s RC DAY THEME is YOU. All about you. An outfit that defines you – maybe a team shirt or a unicorn outfit or something patriotic from your home” YOU!!! Wear your name and introduce yourself to everyone you can! Make new friends!

THURSDAY: RollerCon Prom

In honor of the Riedell / S1 RollerCon Prom, we’re prom partying all day long!

Filthy Friday: Glam Country!

It’s Filthy Friday all day, and rhinestone cowpoke all  night – or maybe both at the same time?


CATURDAY, a long derby tradition we’re pleased to share with the entire skate community. MEOW

Sunday Funday:

Themes and skating events BOTH get exhausting. So relax after a long hard vacation and roll out in your slippers and bathrobe on Sunday! Another long-standing derby event tradition that acknowledges just how tiring it is being the fabulous roller skater you are.