Inclusion & Diversity

RollerCon strives to be a place that celebrates and empowers everyone in the roller derby and roller skating community. We’re committed to creating the safest place possible in an unsafe world. We will not tolerate bigotry in any form.

No sexism.
No racism.
No ableism.
No ageism.
No homophobia.
No body shaming.
No transphobia.
No hatefulness.

We require all attendees to be respectful of the open exchange and freedom of thought and expression central to a healthy community. We aim to provide a safe, respectful, and harassment-free convention environment for everyone involved regardless of age, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship status, marital status, military status, veteran status, religious beliefs, dietary requirements, attire (or lack of it) and skill level (or lack of it).

Attendees have the option to include their pronouns on their convention badge. We require that all attendees respect each other, including using appropriate pronouns when displayed, and interacting with respect and kindness for those who are new to inclusive pronouns in general.

RollerCon roller derby games can be restricted by gender.  Specifically, captains have the option to restrict their challenges or not, but they absolutely may not exclude trans and non-binary people, who are eligible (when they fit the rest of the game criteria) to play in restricted games that fit their gender identity. The players determine which restrictions fit them, not the captains.

SkateSafe is the RollerCon department charged with our safety, inclusion and diversity goals, committed to the safe and equitable treatment of our attendees. Find out more about SkateSafe:
Read – and sign! – our Code of Conduct.
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