RollerCon 2024 Insurance info
(last updated 2/15/24)

We require roller skating insurance for on skates RollerCon contact and park skating events. Skaters who have accepted insurance are covered at all on-skates events at RollerCon.

We strongly recommend athletes carry primary medical insurance, and travelers consider purchasing supplemental traveler’s medical insurance. Please click on the image to see a grid that explains what insurance coverage each provider offers. *We recommend but do not require insurance for no-contact rink events, but if you don’t have insurance, you’re not covered if you have a fall during a rink event, either.

RollerCon events are insured by Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDi), USA Roller Sports (USARS) , WFTDi Canada and Roller Derby Canada (RDC).  All Skater and MVP passholders must be insured by one of these bodies to roller skate at RollerCon.  We are always working hard to get more coverage for RollerCon attendees.

PLEASE NOTE: It is each athlete’s responsibility to understand how their insurance works, what is covered, and how and when to follow up with their insurer!

Specific Insurance Coverage information and links:

USARS insurance
 details and Canadian reciprocity info. USARS event insurance can be purchased on their membership page; during the reg process you can select the $20 RC event insurance option. Event coverage is no longer available for cash purchase in the Registration line at RollerCon – all memberships must be done in their online system. Please note: USARS event coverage currently covers 5 days from purchase! So if you buy early, please contact Brent at USARS and ask to adjust the dates for RollerCon:

WFTDA insurance details &  FAQ.
Click “buy now to purchase WFTDA insurance.
WFTDA Derby Skaters outside the US: some athletes outside the US can use other forms of coverage via WFTDA for all RollerCon events covered by the WFTDA:

  • Canadian skaters: we accept WFTDi Canada and Roller Derby Canada
  • Australian skaters: WFTDA accepts Covermore or Worldcare.
  • European skaters: WFTDA accepts DogTag and Finland Skating Association
  • Insurance resources are available online:
  • Forms, including waivers, the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines, injury report, and COI request form, can be found here:
  • Send your proof of coverage to before June 1st. WFTDA will update your information for RollerCon to verify via the WFTDA dashboard. IMPORTANT: If your policy information isn’t updated in the WFTDA dashboard, you will need to purchase event coverage to skate at RollerCon.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: RollerCon accepts WFTDA (and WFTDA accepts these other policies), so we cannot verify alternate coverage directly. Athletes must prove coverage through WFTDA!
  • Email for more info.

If you HAVE accepted insurance:

All insurance must be verified before the skater may put on their gear; no exceptions. If you entered your USARS or WFTDA number when you bought your ticket, we’ll pre-verify it before the event. If you did not enter your number (or gave us a wrong one, or didn’t know it, whatever), you can update it now (see form below) or we can verify your insurance coverage when you register at the event. Please note: Verification at the event means longer lines – for everyone. PLEASE PRE-VERIFY or BRING YOUR INSURANCE CARD, if you can. The insurers don’t always send us their most recent lists, so if you have your card, it will make your life (and ours!) a lot easier.
Verify & validate your WFTDA insurance number:

You DON’T HAVE accepted insurance:
If you do not have currently accepted coverage, you can purchase WFTDA or USARS membership or event-only coverage, in advance (see below), or at the Insurance table in the RollerCon Registration area. PROBABLY cash only, so please come prepared. If you wait to purchase it on-site, that line gets *really* long. We recommend you purchase in advance.


  1. Skaters who don’t have current, verifiable USARS, WFTDA, WFTDi or reciprocal insurance: Skaters from outside the US must have valid event coverage or verifiable insurance from one of the listed organizations to skate at RollerCon. You may have nationalized insurance or primary insurance at home, but the only way RollerCon can hold the venue-required liability insurance is if all our skaters are covered under our accident / injury policy.
  2. Coaches, Officials, Refs and skaters with USARS membership in other disciplines
    Coaches, Officials and USARS members in other disciplines must purchase roller derby competitor event coverage to participate in scrimmages, on-skates workshops, challenges and bouts in RollerCon skating events. Skaters with Officials memberships may ref or coach, but no skater may *compete* without Roller Derby membership or event coverage. Event coverage is the same price for men and women.
  3. Skaters who don’t currently have USARS or WFTDi but want to participate on skates in banked track, skate park or alternate rules events. We work with all the insurers to try to make things easy and consistent, but every event may not be covered by your insurance, so please check our coverage grid to verify that yours covers what you want to do.

Update your insurance info!
You can update your insurance info in your ticket questionnaire! Just head over to, and look at the top right of the landing page where it says “log in.” Create a login and find your ticket, then you can update your insurance there!

2020 Insurance info All WFTDA and USARS Event Coverage for RC20 has been refunded as of May 2020.  Please contact them directly for more information:

  • USARS: (402) 483-7551
  • WFTDA: