2023 Questions

2023 Pass Purchase Questions

    1. WAIVER: By answering YES, I understand that the terms “attendee” and “registrants” means the person who will attend RollerCon. By using this ticket for entry into the RollerCon roller derby convention, the attendee agrees that all information provided in this form is accurate. If the information changes, the attendee agrees to update their answers at RollerCon Registration. RollerCon attendees agree to comply with our Code of Conduct, available online and at Registration, and abide by our Safety Rules. The attendee agrees that the training, opinions, findings and conclusions offered during RollerCon are those of the coach, author or speakers and not necessarily those of the speaker’s league, the hosts, coaches, moderators, staff or planners of RollerCon conference, or the host hotel or any RollerCon venues. The materials and information presented are for informational purposes only and are not legal advice or counsel. Information gathered should be modified to fit the badge holder’s situation, including their athletic competence and fitness, health concerns and limitations, and all federal, state and local laws and requirements. It is strongly recommended that every RollerCon attendee carries primary medical insurance and checks with their doctor before participating in any athletic events at RollerCon. All RollerCon attendees agree to participate in conference events solely at their own risk. By using this RollerCon pass for entry into the event, the attendee hereby fully releases and indemnifies RollerCon, LLC, the host hotels, the City of Las Vegas, the sponsors, owners, planners, volunteers and staff of RollerCon from any and all liability or claim in connection with conference events. RollerCon events are being photographed and video captured for publication in various media. By participating and entering these events, registrant agrees to allow RollerCon the free and uncompensated use of their image or likeness. No Answer is not an option.
    2. LAST NAME: What is the attendee’s last name as it appears on their government-issued photo identification?
    3. FIRST NAME: What is the attendee’s first name as it appears on their government issued photo identification?*
      *Regarding Q2 & 3 (First & Last Name): Our door staff typically matches RollerCon pass to Government ID for entry into RC areas. Trans attendees: please note that if your government ID lists a dead name & information you do not use, you may request advanced ID verification. Please contact rollercon@gmail.com for more information.
    4. EMAIL: Please give us the badgeholder’s email address, to be used for scheduling & feedback. If you have a VORC account or plan to volunteer or take classes, please use the same email address.
    5. SKATE NAME: What is your Skate/Superhero Name? Please limit your answer to 18 standard alphanumeric letters, and don’t use special characters or punctuation (they don’t print right!). If you don’t have a nom de plume, please enter whatever name you want us to call you & put on your badge.
    6. PRONOUNS: If you would like pronouns attached to your Registration information, please list up to 2 here.
    7. AFFILIATION: Where are you from? Are you with a particular league, club, business, sponsor, coven, secret society or roller skating group you want attached to your registration information? If so, you can list that here, or leave this answer blank.
    8. INS CARRIER: If you carry roller skating accident/injury insurance, please list the carrier here. Options include WFTDA, USARS, CRDi, or event insurance or “other.” This is not the field for your primary medical insurance, this is for additional skating insurance only.
    9. INS NUMBER: Please enter the passholder’s insurance number preceded by a U (USARS), W (WFTDA) or C (CRWDA), or enter “not skating.” We don’t need your league code or primary insurance info, just the roller derby insurance number associated with the passholder’s legal name.
    10. SKILL: What is the badgeholder’s predicted roller derby skill level in July, using these skills definitions: https://rollercon.com/about/skater-skill-levels/
      Drop down options include Rookie, C, B, A and AA Challenge levels and Not Playing Derby
    11. GAME RESTRICTIONS: We use this information to determine the appropriate percentage each of women’s only / men’s only / unrestricted challenges to schedule. We do not regulate which games people play in by this criteria; participants are welcome to skate in competitive events of the designations where they are comfortable. Drop Down Options include combinations of Women’s, Men’s, Unrestricted, and not playing derby.
    12. STAFF: Are you interested in volunteering for RollerCon staff?
      1. Yes
      2. Maybe
      3. No
    13. AGE: What is the badgeholder’s age group? Your answer, if you provide one, will be used for anonymous demographic reporting.
    14. FAVE: What is your fave category of RC events, or the #1 reason you’re coming?
        1. Not sure, this is my first year
        2. On Skates Training
        3. Off Skates Athletics
        4. Bouts & Challenges
        5. Social Events & Pool Party
        6. Classroom Seminars
        7. Vendor Village
        8. Volunteering
        9. Skate Park
        10. Social Skates
        11. Officiating (& Clinic)
        12.  Its all too fun to choose!
    15. MAILING LIST: Can we add your email to it? We promise not to share your information with anyone else. We will only be using it to share information with you directly, and never more than once a month at best (probably a lot less).
    16. Optional Demographics Q: Do you want to tell us your race or ethnicity? If so, put it in here. This info will be used to help us achieve and report diversity goals, and will only be analysed anonymously (not connected to your name or other info).
    17. Optional Demographics Q: Do you want to tell us your gender? If so, put it in here. We will review your answers to look at our gender diversity and report it back to our attendees anonymously.
    18. Optional Demographics Q: What else do you want to tell us about you? Put that here. We probably won’t be able to graph these answers, but if we see patterns in the type of info you think is important for us to know, we may ask Qs about that next year(s)!

Are you planning to buy tickets for multiple people? Make a copy of this spreadsheet to collect their questionaire answers: RC23 Demographics