Learn from the best or shred with the rest on ramps at RollerCon! We’ve got beginner, intermediate and advanced options.

    • WHAT:
      • 187 Killer Pads Skatepark at RollerCon. All day, indoor, private open sessions! For passholders only.
      • New in 2022! Triple 8 MVP Learner Skatepark. Classes and lessons from the very best quad coaches in a private, indoor A/C skatepark. MVP Passholders only.
    • WHO: Skater & MVP Pass holders with validated insurance are welcome to skate in Open Sessions & the Contest in the 187 Skatepark. Quad skaters, inlines & skateboards are all welcome in Open Sessions (sorry, but scooters and bicycles are not allowed). MVP passholders on quad skates are also welcome to take skatepark classes. MVP Skatepark Classes are not open to Skater passholders.
    • WHEN: Thur – Sat, AM-PM
      • Classes: Structured classes and lessons offered by the best teachers in aggressive skating today, including Team 187, The Moxi Skate Team and lots of independent, awesome ramp skating coaches. Classes will be open to MVP Passholders with validated insurance and will take place in the Triple Eight Skatepark in the MVP Area
      • Sessions: Like an open skate, but SO MUCH MORE FUN. You can take your turn with some of the best aggressive skaters in the world! Open sessions will be available to Skater and MVP Passholders with valid insurance.
      • Teach: Want to coach Ramp Skating Classes? Put your classes in HERE.

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About the Parks

187 Killer Pads skate park will be open all day in the air conditioning. There are a few scheduled skill-level sessions, but the park is Open Session for everyone with a skater pass for the vast majority of the day, featuring:

  • Our famous RollerCon 5-7′ spine ramp with extensions and a rollover. Our builders have been hired to make several replicas of this ramp because everyone loves it!
  • mini ramps, boxes and quarter pipes with tons of features that can be pushed together to form lots of fun stuff
  • rails and sliders
  • and more!

Triple 8 MVP Learner skate park hosts classes from your favorite coaches from 10am – 5pm daily in the air conditioned Westgate Ballrooms. Classes are open to MVP passholders, featuring:

  • 4′ tall x 16′ wide perfect mini ramp. This was the infamous 187 warehouse mini ramp forever, and now it’s ours!
  • mini ramps, boxes and quarter pipes with tons of features that can be pushed together to form lots of fun stuff
  • rails and sliders
  • and more!

Skate Park Rules

  1. Gear is mandatory. Our insurance requires it at RollerCon. Your well-fitting helmet, knee, elbow & wrist pads are mandatory to enter the skatepark. Please gear up at the Get Ready areas and enter the park ready to go.
  2. Skate park skating inside the gates only. Your insurance covers you for injury only while you are skating inside the gates. You may not air off something over the gates, especially into spectator areas and passages between tracks. Obviously. 
  3. Don’t skate on stuff that says not to skate on it (for example, some of the rails around the deck on the big ramp say “Please do not stall here.”) Seems obvious, but every year someone tries it (and gets 86’d) anyway. If you skate somewhere we asked you not to, our safety folks will pull your badge and you will not be welcome back. It’s labeled that way for a reason, usually because our insurance people require it – and they are on site. If we lose our insurance and get shut down because of you, how cool are you then? We’re not a city skatepark, we’re regular skaters trying to make a cool thing here. Don’t fuck that up trying to impress people.
  4. You are welcome to move moveable stuff. The rails and many of the smaller skatepark elements are designed to be moved around and combined, but please use decent judgement. Nothing in there should ever be turned upside down. Rails, especially, may not be turned on their side with the feet in a position to impale someone falling!
  5. No spectators inside the park. We have spectator seating outside the gates, though! And there’s a better view.
  6. No one under 18 allowed in the skatepark. We’re super sorry, but our insurance does not allow children in the park at all, not as skaters or spectators.
  7. We can kick you out for unsafe behavior. Please don’t make us do it.
  8. We might make more rules! You guys are really good at figuring out new crazy things that makes our insurance people get hives. We reserve the right to add to these rules.

Skate Park Etiquette

  1. Be safe and respectful. We welcome people of all skill and experience levels, including a lot of roller skaters brand new to park skating. Please be extra cool and welcoming to each other. Look out for each other. RC is a no-attitude sanctuary, please help us keep it that way.
  2. Do not snake. This is just a variation on Roller Derby Rule #1 (Don’t be a d-bag). At the park, just like on the kiddie playground, skaters take turns. Take a few minutes to watch people’s runs, and look at their lines – where are they going on the ramps or street course? Every park, every session and every bunch of skaters is different, but if you take a few minutes to watch before jumping in, you will see patterns that help you figure out when it’s your turn. It’s also common for skaters to make eye contact and indicate with a nod or hand gesture that it is your turn, as well. 
  3. You DO get to take a turn. No matter your skill or experience level, you belong at the park as much as ANYONE (not just at RollerCon; all parks!). If you’re feeling intimidated, ask for help. RC skaters are especially welcoming to newcomers and they can help you get rolling confidently even if it is your first time. 
  4. Long turns are not cool. If there are people waiting, especially a lot of people, it’s a dick move to spend longer than a minute or two on your turn (2 minutes is a really uncommonly long turn on skates, actually; but maybe you have super great endurance so… ya. 2 min limit max). No matter how awesome you are, most people would rather skate than watch (you).
  5. Careful where you sit. That bench or deck might be part of someone’s skate line.  The coping is ALWAYS part of someone’s skate line. Probably best not to sit inside the skatepark unless you find an actual chair on the sidelines.

Photos in the header are by targetsix, sNo Photography, Tristan King Photography and Tim Knox. Header art by Shaggy.