Camp Awesome

We’re super excited about our upcoming March Camp Awesome in San Diego, California. So leading up to Camp, we asked Campers what they wanted to see happen at Camp. The answers were so good! So of course we’re sharing.

We asked first about what level classes people would like to see. We said: Obviously you can attend classes of different levels depending on what the skill is. But generally speaking, which level of classes are you looking for?

This was a multiple choice and campers could choose more than one answer: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced. Some folks wrote in their own answers, as well. Click to expand the graphic. They choose:

  • 40% beginner
  • 78% intermediate
  • 16% advanced

Our next question was about what skills they’d like to learn, also multiple choice and they could choose as many as they wanted. Options included, and they chose:

  • 70% Coping Tricks (stalls, slides, variations)
  • 60% Hand Tricks (handstands, hand plants, cartwheels, etc)
  • 56% Boost skills (like bigger drop ins, higher airs, etc)
  • 48% Run flow (creating flowing lines, putting tricks together)
  • 41% Literally everything, but I will choose my top three, as well
  • 40% Airs & Flips
  • 32% Foundation Skills (drop ins, pumping, carving)
  • 28% Fun variations of things I might already know
  • 15% Skateboarding
  • 4% Side Stance skating
  • 1% each, fill in your own… (how to fall better, street skating, spins & 360s, etc)






We also asked a similar question, but only let them choose ONE answer. Coping tricks won with 26%, but Boost Skills & Foundation Tricks were a close 2nd with 17%, and Airs and Flips got 14%, Hand Tricks behind that with 10%, and the rest under that.

But the real fun is reading what the Campers themselves had to say. We asked, What are you most looking forward to? And we left another field blank for people to write anything at all. Check out the awesome long answers folks gave us in spreadsheet form: Camp Awesome Camper Poll