Officials come from all over the world to practice, learn, teach, mentor, bond and celebrate at RollerCon. But RollerCon is so much more than a typical derby event – more skating, more skaters, more scrimmages, more challenges, bouts, and skating events stretching all day and night, including opportunities for experience and evaluations in multiple rulesets. It’s an Official’s dream – and a bit of an administrative puzzle, as well. Officials are a crucial piece of the RollerCon Volunteer Staff puzzle. Your hours and compensation are tracked much like the rest of our volunteer staff, but of course there is The Patch – and some additional benefits and requirements.

RollerCon Passes for Officials

RollerCon is a roller skating convention with over 500 unique events – for everyone, including officials. Its not all work (like at a tournament). To attend the convention, you will need a pass. To participate on skates (including officiating bouts), you need a pass with skating privileges, and verified insurance.

We have several passes to consider, including an Officials Pass for those who commit to officiate and really don’t plan to do much else (but we really think you should consider having some fun at other events, parties and classes, too). Please check out the different types of passes and privileges they offer: RollerCon Passes.

Before RollerCon

  • Review the official’s skills, below.
  • Self-schedule 30 minute challenges in Officials RollerCon (ORC). Shifts open June 1st, after the games schedule is completed.
  • Join the RollerCon Officials fb group for a notification when ORC opens. Get info on your phone with the @rcofficials tweets.
  • Shifts can be self-selected up to your daily limit, which increases closer to the event and resets at midnight (Central). If no shifts are available, please check back; people drop shifts as their schedules develop.
  • Plan wisely; it can easily take 30+ minutes to get from a host hotel room to the competition tracks – often longer, plus time to gear up if you skate. Please pad your schedule generously and allow travel time between shifts. The convention area is very large.
  • Please check the game ruleset. RollerCon hosts games of different rulesets, track types, and sometime alternate staffing models, which will be noted in the sign-up form.

At RollerCon

  • Please check in at VCI when you arrive, at least 30 minutes before your first shift. The staff will show you how to clock in and answer any questions you might have.
  • Attend the Officials Huddle on main track in the morning for crucial daily info.
  • Pick up shifts on site by talking to the Officiating Leads at each Competition Track. They can also assist with scheduling emergencies.
  • Officials are expected to act professionally and treat every competitive event seriously, even the “fun” challenge bouts. Sanctioned and regulation bouts should be treated the same as any tournament. That means taking a break from the party to be mentally & physically prepared, on time, etc.
  • Missing a shift is just cause to lose all future shifts – and its an administrative headache for already-overworked managers. Please don’t do it.
  • Shark Tank. Want to work more than you’re scheduled? Check in with the Officiating Track Leads, who fill last minute openings. We typically have a lot of opportunities!

Your officiating hours are added to any other volunteer shifts you do for compensation. More info about compensation.


Please note the skill level of the game you’re signing up for and be conservative about your ability to officiate at that level. RollerCon games aren’t like tournament games; they often feature very creative and sometimes ad-hoc uniforms and occasional wild variations on standard rules or just asinine quirks during the jams, so they can be especially challenging to officiate – and even harder than usual when you factor in the wide range of skater skill levels from skaters all over the world.

RC Officials recognize that self-assessment can be difficult, so if get in over your head, talk to the Officiating Leads (at each Competition Track) and share your concerns.  They can observe, mentor, review your schedule, and rearrange crews if necessary.

Important Links for Officials