RC Pass Registration

This page last updated 6/19/24
RollerCon Pass Registration
This is important!
Every RollerCon passholder, including Off Skates and non-skating Officials passholders, has to go through RC Pass Registration during hours the windows are open to sign a waiver, pick up a bag full of goodies and the Program & Schedule book, and if they’re skating, they must have their insurance verified.  Attendees won’t be able to get into RollerCon events (including training and competition tracks) until they do! Here are some tips to help you arrange realistic registration plans.

  • Wednesday
    • 11am STAFF & SPONSORS
    • noon Everyone Early Bird Registration
    • CLOSED 6:30PM
  • Thursday 9am – 7pm
  • Friday: 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 2pm
  • Sunday: CLOSED

What you should bring to Registration:

  1. Your SELF. You absolutely CANNOT register for another person.
  2. Your valid, not expired, government-issued photo ID that shows your name. Our door staff typically matches RollerCon pass to Government ID for entry into RC areas*
    *Trans/Non-Binary attendees: please note that we have switched to digitally encoded wristbands, so you will only have to show ID at Registration and 21+ events you want to attend. IDs are no longer necessary at entry to skating events.
  3. Find out more about what insurance we require & accept HERE *before* you arrive. We take insurance very seriously! If you gave us your insurance info when you bought your pass, we’ll pre-verify. But still bring any insurance validating items you have handy (confirmation emails with numbers, cards, etc) because many people typo their numbers or give us league numbers instead of their number, etc. Help us get you through the line fast by bringing your paperwork.
  4. Buy your derby insurance in advance, PLEASE. The links to do that are HERE and that will save you and everyone in line a lot of time. If you must purchase event or banked track coverage or any other insurance stuff on the spot, bring cash. There’s an ATM in the casino near where it says “CAGE”. WFTDA and USARS conduct their own transactions and we don’t know if they take credit cards. (they did take cards in 2018)
  5. Get passes in advance!  Off Skates Convention Passes are usually available – and sometimes Skater passes, as well – at RC Pass Registration, but the price is a LOT higher! Get em now.

Summary:  Make your travel plans so that you arrive at the hotel when RC Pass Registration is open, and don’t expect your plane to land and 20 minutes later you’re playing roller derby at RollerCon. Lots of time-eating things happen between. Here are some of them you might encounter:

How long does it take to…?

  • Actual photo of a small portion of McCarren baggage claim. The room is about 10x bigger than this and just as packed in every section.

    Baggage claim at McCarran Airport is a bigger room than you can imagine and it takes awhile to get your checked bags. Let’s call that low estimate at least 30 minutes.

  • Ubers / Lyfts / taxis from the airport to Westgate, low estimate at least 20 minutes depending on traffic (and there is always traffic). Shuttles take a lot longer because they stop at multiple hotels. The bus would probably take at least an hour.
  • The hotel check in on Tuesday and Wednesday could be long; estimate at least 20 minutes there, too. Maybe you’ll get lucky and no line, but even with one person in front of you, if they’re a hassle or the desk person is moving slow it can still be 20 minutes. Incidentally, it pays to be nice to the hotel reg people. Their job sucks and everyone is mean to them. It’s nice to be the rare person that isn’t.
  • If you go up to your room first to drop off bags, THEN head to RC Pass Reg, you’re looking at another 20 minutes at least, maybe more if you make eye contact with the vacation rental people loitering in the elevator area. Beware of anyone asking you if you want show tickets or free meals. It’s a trap!
  • RC Pass Registration lines will be very, very long on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our Reg people are magical unicorns and the line moves fast, but they usually serve about 2,000 people each Tuesday and Wed and that’s a lot.

Have realistic expectations about waiting in lines at RollerCon: https://rollercon.com/about/lines/