You can sleep in August. The live google version of the Master Schedule below includes all RollerCon events. This (also live) info is also available with lots of cool favoriting and filter features in the RollerCon schedule app available on iTunes or on Google Play

  • View events schedule in our RollerCon Phone App.
  • Get our Master Schedule in other formats. These formats are reports pulled at a specific moment and may not be accurate after that moment. Check the app or the live calendar below for the most recent, always updated & accurate event calendars.

Scroll down for calendar hints.


  1. If you don’t see any events, click on “Look for more” until you get to the July dates, when RollerCon starts.
  2. Click on any event title for more details (coach name, teams, etc).
  3. From the detail window, users can copy items to your own google calendar.
  4. Once the event is in your calendar, you can adjust your calendar settings and that event to send you notifications.
  5. EASIER: download the RollerCon schedule app in the iOS App Store or on Google Play