RAFFLES insider info
  1. We always have super great Sponsor-donated awesome gear we raffle off. We put aside some of the *very* best stuff for our Volunteer-only raffles! So you should definitely get a volunteer shift so you get a Vollie raffle ticket:  volunteers.rollercon.com
  2. We announce the raffle pulls on our twitter. (also schedule changes and the occassional lost & found). You can get to our twitter feed from the app, so you don’t have to be a twitter person or sign up for the app. You can just read our feed in a browser on your phone. Obviously you could also be our twitter friend if you want more than just that out of our relationship.  https://twitter.com/rollerconIf you’re completely allergic to twitter, you can also stop by and read the pulls on a giant whiteboard at the Raffles desk.
  3. This super smart person in the photo pre-made tiny stickers with her name and number on them. We called her every time we pulled her tickets. <– yes, plural. Buy a lot, win a lot. Every single penny of the raffle goes to our charities, so you can feel extra good about allocating money to this. https://rollercon.com/about/charity/

You must pick up your winnings at RollerCon or we give ’em to the volunteers who stay late to help us clean up. Also a good strategy for winning.

The Raffles desk is in the main lobby entrance to the RollerCon Convention space. You can get tickets there or at the Souvenirs Store in the PEC lobby. Check the map for both locations in your program!