Who Goes to RC?

RollerCon was originally organized by DIY roller derby players. As players retire from derby, they almost always find they don’t want to retire from roller skating! So over the years RollerCon evolved from being a roller derby convention to being a roller skating convention. Derby is still an important part, but we also host tons of rec and dance skating events, two skateparks, speed skating, street skating and pretty much every other type of skating  you can do with 8 wheels strapped to your feet.

RollerCon does not discriminate or exclude any sub-group of roller skating, and is open to every adult skater regardless of age, ethnicity, culture, religion, disability, gender identity or expression, nationality, track preference, “school,” league or governing body affiliation, rules preference (or lack thereof), or any other classification that can be applied to humans who roller skate.

RollerCon bathrooms are gender neutral. The Paradise Event Center (where our Competition Tracks are) and the pool restrooms during the Black n Blue Ball are designated Gender Neutral.  Signs indicate “sit” and/or “stand” to indicate which have urinals. No discrimination is allowed or tolerated; our attendees may use the one that suits them. Binary gender bathrooms are found in Westgate areas open to the public.

All ticket, insurance and safety requirements for adult skaters at RollerCon are exactly the same. There are some extra insurance and safety requirements for contact events and skate park participation. RollerCon promotes inclusion of transgender, intersex, gender expansive and gender non-conforming participants, who skate in competitive events of any designation where they are comfortable. Conduct by anyone involved which makes any participant feel unwelcome will not be tolerated.

Scrimmages are frequently categorized by skill designation and always labeled unrestricted or single sex. Unrestricted means that all adult skaters that fit the skill designation are welcome. Single sex means that skaters who fit the skill designation are able to organize into packs according to their gender identity. These designations were developed to accommodate our attendees’ wishes and are not intended to create a hostile environment for anyone at RollerCon.

Challenges and bouts are organized by RollerCon participants. Skill and gender designations (or lack of) are determined by the participants & given to RollerCon schedulers by the captains.

MVP Training Classes are created by the coaches who lead them. Coaches are free to limit events to participants of a specific skill level or group focus, and if they do, their classes will be labeled. Classes are not restricted by gender. If you have concerns, please speak to the coach and they will find a solution – for example, they may partner you with someone you are comfortable with. RollerCon planners, staff and participants work together to make sure everyone has a fun, inclusive and safe experience.

Junior skaters are welcome to attend RollerCon with an Off Skates Convention Pass. There are no skating events for juniors at RollerCon.

Please note that RollerCon is a convention for adult athletes which (like the entire city of Las Vegas) frequently includes competitions and events featuring adult themes, violence, drinking, profanity and nudity. RollerCon is generally inappropriate for children. Parents who bring their children enter at their own risk and assume all risk for their children. Children must be actively supervised at all times. For insurance and safety reasons, we do not offer free passes or free entry for children or babies of any age.

WFTDA, RDCL, Renegades, USARS, MADE, banked track, old school derby, etc.

  • Most RollerCon derby competition events are played by the most recent version of the WFTDA rules (with the option of larger rosters for all but sanctioned games).
  • Some competitive flat track events are played by USARS rules.
  • Banked track competitive events are played by the most recent version of the RDCL Rules.

All skaters (regardless of affiliations) are welcome at RollerCon. They must meet all the safety gear, skill level and insurance requirements, and are welcome at all events. Anyone that skates with other rulesets may ask to schedule challenges with their rules & officials by sending their request to planning@rollercon.com for safety & insurance review. RollerCon refs and NSOs are trained in the rulesets listed above, and may not be willing or able to officiate at events with other rulesets, so please include contact information for pre-staffed refs & officials. No unsafe behavior will be tolerated, and a RollerCon Head Ref will monitor any non-standard events for safety. RollerCon organizers, officials and our insurers are the final word on what is or isn’t safe. The RollerCon Officiating Director or their alternate may stop any event or remove any skaters that they feel are potentially hazardous.

Questions about a group not represented on this page? Please send your questions to info@rollercon.com.