We use our VORC Volunteer shift system for Volunteers, and for MVP Class early sign up. These directions are relevant for both!
Quickie summary:

  1. Buy a RollerCon pass
  2. Create or update your VORC profile
    1. Now you are eligible to sign up for volunteer shifts (when they are uploaded late Spring / early Summer)
    2. If you have an MVP pass, you will be eligible for MVP early signup (when the classes are scheduled and uploaded.


FIRST: Create a profile in VORC. If you are a returning student or volunteer, you will use the same profile you already have. You can use the password reset if you don’t remember your password from last year.

Update your profile to include your complete passholder name (first and last) matches your MVP pass. This is important! We use our passholder reports to validate you, and our system matches your email and full name. You can check what it is on your pass by creating a login at event.com and searching for your ticket, so you can be sure it matches.  Then: be patient.

Volunteers: Your profile is also where you can mark which departments you want to work in. Checking a box for a department means you’d like to see available shifts in that department. Returning volunteers will not have to sign up again for departments they were already in. Most departments auto-approve, with the exception of EMT and Media, which require further credentials. More info about volunteering, including in specialized departments, here.


  • You may not see shifts yet because we’re still creating them. We upload them as they are finished and that will continue through July.
  • If you have an MVP pass, and your pass email and name match your VORC profile (volunteer or student), the system will approve you to sign up for MVP classes. But MVP signup begins on June 16th, so you may not see classes until then. 
  • Check out classes – after they are scheduled and uploaded, early summer! – on the app and make a plan!
  • If your VORC name/email does not match your ticket, it will be manually reviewed and matched, but it can take a little longer. You’ll receive an email if and when your accounts can be connected.
  • *Please note* As of Spring 2024, we are working on a new backend system to match passes, so you will not see your pass in your profile until the system upgrade is complete. Which will be long before June, so please take deep breaths and remain calm until then. Thanks!

Sign up for classes here: https://volunteers.rollercon.com/schedule/classes.pl

EVERYTHING BELOW THIS LINE IS PROBABLY GOING TO CHANGE (and get a lot easier) but we can’t do screenshots until it’s live, sorry. 😀

The blue menu on the top row is full of filter options.  Experiment!

Search for a specific coach by entering all or part of the coach’s name in the “role” field.
Search for a class title in the “Notes” field.
Be sure to clear all these fields to look for your second class!

Filter by -blank- in the Derby Name field to see only available spots. Don’t bum yourself out scrolling through class spots that have already been grabbed! This is the biggest mistake people make – the reason why people think everything is full. But it’s not – you’re just looking at the full spots. Make ’em go away with this filter.

Sort your view at the bottom right. Want to look by date? This option decides what order you’ll see things.

Please note:

  • Choose a class by clicking on the “sign up” link at the right of that line item.
  • VORC is easier to navigate on a laptop. It’s not (yet) optimized for phones.
  • The system will not allow you to sign up for anything that conflicts with things you already have (volunteer shifts, personal time you have blocked off in your profile [great for folks playing games!], other class(es) you signed up for). You can see conflicting items, but the “sign up” link will not be available.
  • We start by allowing everyone to sign up for two classes. If you change your mind, you can easily drop a session by clicking the “drop” link. Then you can choose another to replace it.
  • You can see your whole schedule at the top of your home page, and midway down on your profile.

Here’s some old math & a parable.

  • In 2022, we started with 1840 open spots available in 93 on-skates MVP classes (it’s a small year for us).
  • On the first day of signup, 252 users registered with “Class” access, and each user was able to choose 2 classes.
  • 74 people complained on facebook or emailed us that all the classes were full when they looked (ok that number is made up. But it was a lot of people). But that math doesn’t work out. Even if every single person but the complainer got their 2 classes, there would still be 1338 class spots open. At the time of every single complaint, *every* class in the system still had spots open. ALL OF THEM.
  • We know this happened because the navigation is new to everyone. It is our mission to teach everyone how to nav VORC like a pro so no one feels that disappointment! Classes are available, ya’ll. Filter, search and sort to make it super easy to go get ’em! Best of luck!