Skating Info

Everyone is welcome to skate at RollerCon. Refs, EMTs and many volunteers are on hand during the convention to be sure that everyone skates safely and with all the proper gear. Here are some tips about skating at RollerCon.

Requirements for Skating at RollerCon Events:

  • No unsafe behavior will be tolerated.
  • Proof of RollerCon Registration is required for all skaters at all skating events.
  • Proof of insurance is required for contact and skate park skating events. It will be on your badge.
  • You must sign the RollerCon skating waiver form at RollerCon check-in.
  • To participate in competitive events (Challenges, Scrimmages), skaters must have 6″or larger contrasting permanent numbers on their appropriately-colored jersey and 2″ numbers on their arms. Uniform Rules
  • Shirts with your name / number are also recommended for training – so that coaches can easily identify you to offer feedback.
  • Skill levels may be posted for skatings event.  It is the skater’s responsibility to skate at their appropriate skill level.
  • All skaters must wear knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet and mouthguard at all times while wearing skates in most skating events. There may be some rec events that are gear optional; they will be posted on the door. Assume that safety gear is required unless you see a sign that says otherwise.
  • Skating Refs must wear all the same safety gear with the exception of mouthguards.
  • Skaters deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be banned from skating.
  • Every skater must pass a safety / gear check before competion and skate park skating.
  • The Head Ref and Safety Officers are the final judges of whether or not you may skate.

Just to make it perfectly clear: NO ONE that smells of alcohol or is in any way under the influence will be permitted to skate in RollerCon events. That includes smelling like last night’s excesses. Trained EMT staff and refs will attend every skating event, they are empowered to make that judgement call. Their decision is final.

WFTDA, RDCL, Renegades, USARS, MADE, banked track, old school derby, etc.

  • Most RollerCon competition events are played by the most recent version of the WFTDA rules (with the option of larger rosters for all but sanctioned games).
  • Some competitive flat track events are played by USARS rules.
  • Banked track competitive events are played by RDCL Rules or the WFTDA rules

All skaters (regardless of affiliations) are welcome at RollerCon. They must meet all the safety gear, skill level and insurance requirements that apply to all skaters, and are welcome at all events. Anyone that skates with other rule sets may ask to schedule challenges with their rules & officials by sending their request to for safety review. RollerCon refs and NSOs are trained in the rule sets listed above, and may not be willing or able to officiate at events with other rule sets, so please include contact information for pre-staffed refs & officials. No unsafe behavior will be tolerated, and the RollerCon Head Ref will attend and monitor any non-standard events for safety. RollerCon organizers and our insurers are the final word on what is or isn’t safe. The RollerCon Head Ref or his alternate may stop any event or remove any skaters that they feel are potentially hazardous.


  • C1 – C5:  All competition tracks are on Sports & Skate Court tiles over a wooden subfloor.
  • Banked Track: The banked track has a painted masonite surface and the same wheels you like on the tiles will probably feel fine on the banked track, as well.
  • MVP Training tracks:  Sports & Skate Court tiles over a wooden subfloor.

Most roller derby wheels in standard ranges work fine. Your favorite wheels will probably work! Please don’t worry too much about wheels; our skate gear shop and every derby wheel manufacturer will have every wheel in every color and flavor for you to check out, some even available to test drive so you can find what’s perfect for you.

Skatepark Tour & Skate the Strip – Las Vegas – daily
These events are organized by RollerCon attendees, but they are not RollerCon insured events. Anyone may participate in them and passes are not required, because these events are not insurable. YOU ARE SKATING AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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The training, opinions, findings, advice and conclusions offered during Rollercon are those of the authors or speakers and not necessarily those of the speaker’s league, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association or the hosts or planners of the RollerCon conference. The materials and information presented are for informational purposes only & are not legal advice or counsel. Information gathered should be modified to fit your own personal needs, business models, athletic competence, health concerns and limitations, and state requirements. All skaters should execute proper safety precautions prior to attempting any skills demonstrated or shown. All RollerCon registrants participate in conference events solely at their own risk.