Coaches & Seminar Leaders

Before RollerCon

RollerCon training sessions are scheduled Spring through Summer using a g-form queue. Here’s how to get in the queue:

  • Sign up for our Volunteer Dashboard when it opens in June. Link.
  • Submit Classes
  • We book directly into g-calendars and we’ll send you a notification. More info below.
  • Our goal is to finalize the schedule in June.
  • Join the RC Coaches FB group after submitting classes for schedule updates, tips, deadlines, networking and more.

How do you decide what / when to schedule?
We schedule most of the classes that hit our queue. Officiating Management approves officiating sessions. Sometimes we kick seminars over to our Medic Manager to review (for difficult subjects like concussion identification).  We carefully review feedback to determine what to book in the high traffic hours and most often, and we take coach schedule requests very seriously. It’s very rare, but we do not reschedule coaches with credible negative feedback, or any coach who no-shows for a session.

How will I know if my class is scheduled?
You will receive an email when your class is scheduled. If you’re a g-calendar user and you do not live in the Pacific US time zone, your g-calendar will adjust the notification to your time zone. The Las Vegas time of the session will be in the body of the email for your reference. Please make sure is in your contacts so we don’t end up in your spam.

How does compensation work for coaches and seminar leaders?
Please see our general staff info; coaches are compensated like all staff PLUS – on skates coach classes count for double hours. (Double) Training hours are combined with any other (single) volunteer hours worked in other departments.  We also compensate on skates, off skates athletics and most seminar hours with financial bonuses, as well. Some sessions do not qualify for financial bonuses, including sponsored sessions and round tables.

During RollerCon

  • Please check in at VCI when you arrive, at least 30 minutes before your first class. The staff will give you some goodies, show you how to log in to our time clock, and answer any questions you might have.
  • Please clock in and out for all your classes (shifts). Your assistant coaches should also clock in; if you recruited them on site, let VCI know and they’ll help. If you forget, NBD, just ask them to fix your hours at VCI.
  • If you have any schedule issues on site, you must text Ivanna. If you don’t already have her number, VCI can help.
  • Barring unusual circumstances (like injury), If you cancel a class on the same day or no show, you are not eligible for ANY coach compensation (including the classes you did show up for). Please work with us to reschedule any issues.
  • Please use the microphones for all on skates classes!

After RollerCon

We email everyone to verify hours after RollerCon. That’s your last chance to make adjustments. Please reply to confirm your hours. You’ll get confirmation from us in the Fall.

Old volgistics info, in case you need to check it for historical hours: