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This page updated 8/13/23

General Advice

What to bring to RollerCon? Behold our comprehensive packing checklist: RollerCon Packing List 

Cooking in Your Room
Short version: probably not a good idea. Our old hotel made a huge deal about, but really every hotel takes fire safety very seriously because they have to. Cooking appliances – anything with a heating element – are prohibited, especially ones that commonly start fires, like grills and hot plates.  Yes, we know they sometimes provide coffee makers. This contradiction does not weigh on our souls.

Smoking Weed at RollerCon – Some Tips
Medical and recreational marijuana are legal in Las Vegas – to smoke in your home. It is NOT legal to smoke weed on the street, outside and never in your room or in the hotel (and you are a fool if you buy weed from anyone on Fremont St that doesn’t have a store & a dispensary license). Our old hotel management were dicks about it; if their guards smelled it you could get fined or locked out. We *think* they will not be as uptight downtown, but please be cool about it anyway. When asked about weed outdoors, hotel security was blunt: they said, we don’t care about what we don’t see or smell. There are dispensaries ALL OVER VEGAS, so do your thing. Just don’t get caught and don’t get us in trouble.

Reports are that excess glitter in the carpets in your room can net you a $300 deep cleaning charge (which, let’s be fair, that’s reasonable. Glitter is permanent). Beware glitter bombs in rooms attached to your name and credit card, friends! Glitter is perhaps better handled outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I skate in the hotel and everywhere?
A: We tried it the first year, and our host hotels decided against allowing skates indoors or in the pool areas. Cops on Fremont Street were handing out warnings and tickets. But the rest of the city – its worth a try!  Please don’t be a jerks, though. Carry shoes (or at least slippers), so that if you’re asked to take your skates off, you can easily do it. Let’s get invited back!

Q: I don’t have WFTDA or  USARS insurance- can I still skate?
A: Yes, but not in all the events. Insurance is required for roller derby, contact, skate park and related skating. It’s recommended but not required for rec skating and dance. But hey! Insurance rules change frequently, so please check out our insurance page for the latest info. Look for the date it was last updated to see if we’ve got confirmation from our insurers yet!

Q: Is RollerCon wheelchair-accessible?
A: Yes. Expect the highest standards of accessibility anywhere you go in Las Vegas. There may be exceptions, but we haven’t seen them yet.

Q: WHEN (or how) can I sign up for challenges, get sponsor info, volunteer, find out who is coaching, etc etc etc?
A: Check out our TIMELINE!

Q: I changed my insurance or got a new number. How do I get that corrected?
A: You can give us  your updated insurance info on this form, and get lots more info about insurance here.

Q: I got married or divorced and my name changed. Can I change my pass name so it matches my ID?
A: Yes; in fact, your pass must match your government-issued ID* for the purposes of Registration, but you won’t need to carry your ID or match your badge like old years. Your pass is a digital wristband with your info encoded, so you will walk up to doors and BOOP BOOP you get in or not. Please do not remove or lose your wristband. Your wristband is invalid if removed or tampered with. NO EXCEPTIONS

Q: I can’t go. Can I sell my pass to someone else?
A: No. Passes are not transferable because they are linked to your insurance and ID information. But in some circumstances, you can cancel your pass for a refund. More info here. Scroll down to the policies / cancellation section for information.

Q: How do I sign up to be a ref or volunteer?
A: We love our volunteers!! Please join us: volunteer

Q: Do I have to pay to bring significant others? Can my family watch my games? 
A: Anyone can stay at the hotel, but for entry into the convention and every single convention event (including the Black n Blue Ball and your games), they’ll need a RollerCon Pass. Fortunately, we have inexpensive pre-sales and non-skater options early in the season. Off skates convention passes are not cheap on site, however! We have made this choice specifically to protect RC attendees from gaping civilians who are unaccustomed to our community.

Q: Can I get a day pass?
A: Yes. More info about pass types: RollerCon Pass

Q: Is it worth it for new skaters to come?
A: YES. RollerCon training camp offers amazing classes geared towards every skill level, and the seminars, vendors and social events are a newbie dream even if you’re not safe to skate in a crowd yet. Want to try on pads? Curious to learn how to do a move better? Want to figure out how to organize committees in your league? Want to see the best skaters go at it on the track in person? RollerCon is the place to do it.

Q: Should I come if I’m injured and can’t skate?
A: We have so many fun off skates events. Believe it or not, spending RollerCon off skates can actually be really fun because you’re not thoroughly exhausted and beat up from skating for 10 hours a day. All RollerCon events are wheelchair accessible. For athletes that are mending and have been cleared for rec skating but not contact, we have  hours of open skate rink time, social skates, and classes on all the tracks, dance skates and skatepark for beginners available to you every day.

Q: Is RollerCon worth it for advanced skaters, who spend a fortune and all their vacation days on traveling to games already? 
A: Absolutely. Remind yourself how fun it is to roller skate! Enjoy low-stress, max-fun challenges and scrimmages, dance on your skates, and fly in our skatepark – while you power up flagging enthusiasm batteries.

Q: Should I go if I’m retired from roller derby, or never played derby at all?
A: RollerCon started as a roller derby convention, but has truly evolved to embrace the entire roller skating community – not just derby. Plus RollerCon started in 2005, so a lot of us are retired – but we’re absolutely not done skating! We’ve got a huge number of fun events all day & night, on and off skates for people who don’t play roller derby.

Q: Do I have to bring my team to be able to skate?
A: No. There will be open scrimmages, training on skates, and other opportunities for single skaters to have fun.

Q: Can I come if I’m underage?
A: Yes, but RollerCon is an adult convention. Juniors may purchase an Off Skates Convention Pass that will give them entry into off-skates workshops, and ability to view bouts and challenges, and attend some social events with one exception: juniors obviously won’t be allowed in the bars and some of the 21+ social events. More info...

Q: Can I come if I’m not a WFTDA, USARS or RDCL skater, or if I am a member of any other group I think people might not like?
A: Yes, everyone is welcome. Some roller derby rule sets may have additional safety requirements for scrimmaging or challenges, but RollerCon is an event for all members of the roller skating community. Check out more info here.

Q: How do I get my free or discounted pass for volunteering last year?
A: We email you to confirm hours in August and September. Then in October we send out information about how to redeem your volunteer passes. Lots more info here.

Q: Can I buy passes for everyone on my league (or team or your wives or whatever)?
A: Yes, but it could be a hassle for you because each pass has to be associated with the person’s name on their drivers’ license, their unique email and their insurance numbers. More info here.

Q: I can’t come after all. Can I give my pass away?
A: No. Here’s why.

Q: Can I skate without my helmet on or while missing some other gear?
A: Depends on the event. You must wear all your safety gear for every contact event. You can skate without gear at the rink and in dance classes. But you are required to use good judgement and don’t endanger yourself or others, and if you are asked to take your skates off by a Staff Member, you are required to do it.

Q: Where does a vegan eat in Las Vegas?
A: Check out a list (that was probably created in 2006, so you might want to double check before taking a cab over) of veggie/vegan-friendly restaurants here.

Q: Can I skate on the strip?
Yes! There are usually several group Strip Skates organized every year. Skate at your own risk!

Q: Is it true you can drink anytime, anywhere in Las Vegas?
A: No. We have open container laws just like everyone else. However, they’re not enforced on *walkers* on the strip. But keep in mind, under no circumstance is drinking and driving legal, especially not on the Strip. Impaired skaters may not participate in on-skates events, and that includes those who smell like the night before. RollerCon medics are the final judge of your safety on skates.

Las Vegas Locals’ secrets aka tip everyone:

  • The entire city of Las Vegas is lubricated by tips. If you’re not sure if tipping is appropriate in a particular situation – it probably is. Carry a roll of ones and hand them out freely. Even a small tip is usually appreciated.
  • Valet parking is often free (but not always and more hotels are charging these days). It is customary to tip at least a buck each when you drop off and pick up your car.
  • Bell staff also work for tips and are happy to carry all your heavy bags. The valet can call them for you. It is customary to tip them at least a buck per item.
  • The housekeeping staff are the hardest workers in Las Vegas. Whether they clean your room daily or only after you check out, they’re literally cleaning up your mess. Please clean up after yourselves and tip housekeepers generously – at least a buck or two per day (we usually leave a $20 for a week stay).
  • Nothing is actually free. Sure, in theory you can get “free” drinks in casinos if you put money in the casino machines. It’s usually cheaper (and almost always faster) to buy your drink, though. You MUST tip on free drinks.

How To Pack For RollerCon (by Mildred Fierce)

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