Black N Blue Ball

Updated 7/21/23

  • What: Formal Costume Dance, featuring the booty-shaking, get-down hits from Dj Agent Meow that you love.
  • When: Saturday 9pm and don’t take too long to warm up the dance floor, cz space is limited and they throw us out earlier than you wanna know.
  • Where: Downtown Grand Hotel Citrus Pool Deck
  • Who: RollerCon passholders with matching IDs that say they’re over 21 w/ ID & “appropriate” attire (black or blue clothes; details below)
  • *IMPORTANT* You must have a RollerCon pass to get into the pool area Saturday night (this includes husbands and friends of attendees). RollerCon passes are not available to buy at the BNB Gate, so you must get one BEFORE Saturday night.

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Dress code:
Black and/or blue formal wear, fetish wear, bondage clothing, a prom dress, zoot suits, thrift store fashions, uniforms, Victorian, Tuxedos, homemade gowns, glittery dresses, pantsuits, costumes, swimsuits – WHATEVER, as long as you’re wearing all black and/or blue. *But can you swim in it? Scroll down for ideas.

All your naughty bits must be covered. Body paint does count as “coverage,” but the hotel has the right to refuse entry to anyone based on nudity because their pool is visible from hotel rooms. 

BY THE WAY: It’s HOT. Very. You know how nightclubs get hot? Now factor in 100F weather. You might want to remember that when planning your outfit!

Important stuff:

  • Party entry is at the street level in the valet area on the East side of the Downtown Grand hotel.
  • Citrus Pool Deck capacity is 1200 people max, so arrive early!
  • The Gold Spike and Hogs & Heifers (next door on both sides) are happy to offer overflow fun if you arrive too late to get in.
  • No outside food or drink is allowed in the pool area. Party-goers can bring in empty refillable water bottles only. Hydrate!
  • Food and drinks are available at the party.
  • No weapons, skate bags, coolers, or anything else you could use to hurt someone or smuggle in drinks. Hotel staff will be checking IDs and bags at the gates.
  • No rafts, floaties, or blow up toys. 
  • This party is absolutely not open to the public
  • Please watch out for each other anyway, especially when traveling from other hotels