Rink Skates

Updated 7/21/23

Lace up your skates for an old fashioned session skate, minus the children and with way better tunes!

  • WHAT: Our roller skating rink will be bumping tunes all through RollerCon! Join us anytime.
  • WHERE: Right there in the middle of everything!
  • WHEN: Daily noon – 6pm
  • WHO: All RollerCon Skater and MVP Passholders can skate at the rink parties. Off skates passholders may not skate – sorry.

Gear is always recommended, but *not required.*  Skate at your own risk. Drunk people will be killed and eaten (plus they won’t get to skate), so save the cocktails for after, when your skates are off and safely stowed away.  We have great sessions hosted by VIP Skaters, plus fun open skates, and plenty of opportunities for you maniacs to dress up! Don’t see any events below? Make sure you’re looking at the right dates!