Rink Skates

This event not yet updated for 2023.

Lace up your skates for an old fashioned session skate, minus the children and with way better tunes!

  • WHAT: Afternoon Delight skate sessions are free and open to all Skater and MVP passholders with validated insurance.
  • WHERE: S-One Main Track (aka C1)
  • WHEN: Daily 4pm – 6pm
  • WHO: All RollerCon Skater and MVP Passholders can skate at the rink parties. Off skates passholders may not skate – sorry.

Gear is always recommended, but *not required.*  Drunk people will be killed and eaten (plus they won’t get to skate), so save the cocktails for after, when your skates are off and safely stowed away. Social Skate Sessions appear (along with all our Social Events) on the calendar below. Don’t see anything? Scroll to the right dates.

WEDNESDAY: Get to Know Me! Wear your name on your (whatever) and make some new friends. Ridiculous regional and local gear encouraged, whether that means roller derby league jerseys or tourist tees or maybe you’re just wrapped in a flag – as long as you can skate safely in it and nothing is falling off to trip other people, that’s the right outfit!

THURSDAY: TBA Thursday Afternoon Delight is the Riedell theme!

FILTHY FRIDAY: Gentle reminder: Attendees are free to dress however they choose, including topless and revealing outfits in private RollerCon convention area, and we celebrate all bodies at RollerCon. We’ll be celebrating extra today.

STEM SAT(cat)URDAY: Time to whip out that robot costume you’ve been working on? Can you skate in it?

SUNDAY FUNDAY: You’ll see a lot of jammies and bathrobes at Sunday Funday. It’s been a long week!